Nuria began with singer / guitarist Markus Kahila, inspired by the local music scene of San Francisco, his home at the time.

Upon returning to his native Finland, Markus started experimenting with song structures and arrangements that had very little to do with the standard four-piece rock bands he had been involved with so far.

Pieced together with a handful of improvised instruments and recording equipment, some early demos under the name of Dineh surfaced and found their way to friends and fellow musicians. Some of these early songs have still later popped up in Nuria recordings as well as live sets.

Since the arrangements in the early Dineh recordings would have been very difficult to reproduce live, forming a live band was the next logical step. In stroke of luck, an unorthodox three-piece group was formed by including Tuukka Helminen on cello and Pekka Saarikorpi on percussion, while Markus remained with acoustic guitar and vocal duties. This proved to be a happy marriage of classical, contemporary and ethnic musical influences. The new line-up deserved a name of its own, and thus Nuria was born.

After finding their footing as an effective live act and creative collaboration, Nuria soon headed to record their first full-lenght album. In 2013, Nuria’s debut “Winter’s End” was released through Rockadillo Records.

Currently Nuria are writing music for their sophmore album, tenatively titled “Songs for St. Agnes”, and preparing to release an album of remixes for Winter’s End.

Winter's End

© 2013, Rockadillo Records

Into the Sun
The Great Escape
Dead Birds
Rewind, Replay
The Night
Winter's End

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